Pharmacy Courses - All you Need to Know about Pharmacy Courses

Pharmacy courses cover topics including biology, medicine, and chemistry that provide the fundamental knowledge needed to create pharmaceuticals for use in healthcare that is both safe and effective. IBEF states that India is the country where the majority of medicines are supplied. In addition to providing 25% of all medicines in the United Kingdom and 40% of the demand for generic drugs in the United States, the Indian pharmaceutical industry supplies more than half of the world’s demand for various vaccinations.

One of the popular professions with excellent job prospects is pharmacy. Students who want to become pharmacists can enrol in undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate pharmacy programmes. Popular Pharmaceutical Courses After the 12th grade include B Pharmacy, M Pharmacy, and Diploma in Pharmacy. Studying Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in class 12 and earning more than 50% on the class 12 exam are prerequisites for enrolling in these courses. Students must have earned their pharmacy graduate and postgraduation in order to enrol in master’s and doctoral level courses.

Following a pharmacy course, job prospects include those as a pharmacologist, pharmacist, drug inspector, research associate, etc. Following a pharmacy degree, pharmacologists and pharmacists are in high demand. As new hires, they can anticipate earning between INR 3.5 and 4 lakhs and between INR 5.5 and 6 lakhs after four years of employment.

All About Pharmacy Course

Top Pharmacy Courses B Pharmacy, M Pharmacy, Diploma in Pharmacy
50% marks in 10+2 in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
Job Opportunities
Pharmacologist, Pharmacist, Drug Inspector, Research Associate
Starting Salary
INR 3.5 – 4 lakhs per annum

Pharmacy Course Eligibility

Check out the Pharmacy course eligibility criteria for different types of pharmacy courses:

Diploma In Pharmacy :- Applicants must have completed classes in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics in their final year of high school.

Bachelor of Pharmacy :- Applicants must have completed classes in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Biology as well as English in order to qualify for this position.

Master of Pharmacy :- Applicants having a BPharm degree and the minimally required qualifying grades from a pharmacy school recognised by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI).

Doctor of Pharmacy :- Applicants must have finished higher education from any recognised board and studied Physics, Chemistry with Mathematics or Biology as optional courses. Applicants with a pharmacy diploma are also qualified to apply for the PharmD programme.

Types of Pharmacy Courses

See the many pharmacy course types and the information provided below:

Pharmacy Certificate Courses

The main institutions in India that provide various certificate courses in pharmacy include Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India (IGMPI), DIA Global, and Catalyst Clinical Services. Pharmacy certificate programmes offer a number of benefits, including the option to enrol in traditional or remote learning, industry experience, and job aid. The top companies that hire professionals who have taken IGMPI certificate programmes in pharmacy are Mankind Pharma, Glenmark Generics, and Jubilant Lifesciences Ltd.

Course Name Fees
Industry Certificate in Pharma Product Management
INR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer
INR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Pharmaceutical Packaging
INR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Pharmaceutical Process Engineering
INR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Biopharmaceutical Technology
INR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Pharmacovigilance
INR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
INR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Entrepreneurship
INR 50,000
Industry Certificate in Pharma Sales and Marketing Management
INR 50,000
Professional Certificate In Pharmacovigilance
INR 15,000
Safety and Pharmacovigilance Certificate Program

Pharmacy Courses Online

Here, we’ve compiled the top pharmacy courses available online, both for free and for money. Together with their courses, some of the courses offer certifications. Udemy and Coursera both offer online pharmacy courses.

Course Name Duration Fees
Udemy- Your Guide To the Pharmaceutical Industry
42 minutes
INR 740
Udemy- Become a pharmacy technician
5 hours
INR 700
Udemy- Top Drugs 1 - Medications you NEED to Know - Pharmacy
3 hours
INR 700
Coursera- Drugs, drug use, drug policy, and health
29 hours
INR 3,642

Pharmacy Course Subjects

Although the detailed syllabus of every pharmacy course will vary a bit as they are of different duration and value, they all contain the important pharmacy course subjects that are mentioned below:

Human Anatomy & Physiology Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology
Hospital Pharmacy
Clinical Pharmacy
Marketing & Business Management
Electronics & Computer Science
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Computational Chemistry

Pharmacy Courses :- Required Skills

The following abilities are required of a student who wishes to enrol in pharmacy courses; some of these abilities are specialised and need years of training; the others are fundamental abilities.

Research Skills Analytical Skills
Computer skills
Proofreading Skills
Communication skills
Mathematical Skills
Observation skills and an eye for detail
Ability to Multitask
Scientific Paper Writing Skills
Counseling Skills

Scope of Pharmacy Courses

Becoming a pharmacist is a popular career choice in India since it gives you the chance to work in a variety of settings, including as research labs, pharmacy shops, hospitals, the armed forces, public hospitals, and the pharmaceuticals industry. Some of the top pharmacy careers and their typical salaries are listed here.

Job Prospects After Pharmacy Courses

Job Profile Average Salary
Clinical Research Associate
INR 3-4 lakhs
INR 2-5 lakhs
Drug Safety Associate
INR 3.5-5 lakhs
Drug Inspector
INR 6-8 lakhs
Pharmacy Business
INR 8 lakhs
Scientific Writer
INR 3 lakhs
Pathological Lab Scientist
INR 3.25 lakhs

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