Top Teacher Education Colleges in Dehradun

Teacher education or teacher training is designed to equip (potential) teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, approaches, methods, and skills necessary to perform their duties in classrooms, schools, and elsewhere. Refers to programs, policies, procedures and offerings, effectively meet the community. Professionals involved in training future teachers are called teacher educators (or sometimes teacher educators). 

Shivalik College

Shivalik College

Founded in 2008, Shivalik College is a non-profit organisation with roots in India but with a global outlook and reach. Over the years, it has built an enviable reputation of being
SDBIT Dehradun

Shree Dev Bhoomi Institute of Education, Science & Technology

The Shree Dev Bhoomi Institute of Education, Science & Technology (SDBIT) started operations from the 2004-2005
Maya Group of Institutes

Maya Group of Colleges

The Maya Devi Education Foundation is dedicated to leading educators, professionals, and professionals with the sole purpose of creating a non-profit organisation capable of

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Tulas Dehradun

Doon (P.G) College of Agriculture Science and Technology (DCAST)

Since its inception, Doon (PG) Agriculture College has carved a niche in the state’s academic scenario. The university has taken an academic path